About me

About me

Hello, my name is Carlos Bernal Hernandez

I was born in Cuba in 1971. At age 18 I fled Cuba (during an exchange for cooks!) and started traveling. I lived in New York (Manhatten) , Italy (Verona), Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and China.

From an early age I had an upbringing that was very much concerned with food.Raised by my grandparents I learned what to make with the little they had. My passion for food has led me to experiment with the finest Italian and French cuisine to the roots of the indigenous cuisine of Cuba - and everything in between.

Now I have over 25 years experience creating new and exciting foods.


EL YORUBA Chef journalist and a food writer:

His passion for food has led his to many adventures in pursuit of culinary pleasures. Carlos journey is all about exploring new flavours, getting inspired by simple stories attached to recipes, creating new dishes and sharing them with hes family and friends. Specializing in Italian and cuban cuisine, Carlos loves elegant entertaining, snow-white table cloths and fine plating. However, He is admits that nothing comforts her better than simple, rich and familiar flavours of a good home cooked meal.

In his third school year at the culinary intitute off cuba Carlos found him self suffering from the worst identity crisis in 1990 of the economica of cuba. He was still interested in breaking news and local stories, but his passion for food was taking over his passion for journalism culinario Hi almost gave up on media studies to become a chef. For almost 18 years Carlos stayed at home gathering new recipes and cooking. Hi was content, but something was still missing. Carlos went back to culinary school in Italy determined to combine two of her passions - food and writing.

Born and raised in CUBA , Carlos says that his favourite thing about being a food journalist chef in Cuba is different stories that she gets to hear. According to his, nothing helps people to open up better than a good meal. For Carlos sharing food is an expression of love and dance
Besides hosting and co-producing Home Cookin’ on Carlos TV, Carlos is currently working on reviewing local restaurants around the world, writing his recipe blog and gathering old Cuban recipes and entertaining tips that one day he hopes to share in a book. Carlos has done TV appearances including those on Daytime cooking channel ,TV.